North Bend

I went to Exit 32 yesterday with Cortney and Ryan to climb on a bunch of moderate sport climbs. It's usually been raining when I have climbed at Little Si, but as we had nice weather we decided to check out some of the other crags besides the World Wall.

We warmed up at the Woods and Midland, where the highlight was definitely the moderate arete Sweet and Sticky, and then headed over to the World Wall when the clouds finally broke and it briefly started pouring. I put a rope up on Aborigine for Cortney to try, and we all had a couple of fun topropes. Then we climbed Son of Jesus, another tricky moderate on the less-steep right side of the World Wall. Cortney made a sweet TR flash and we packed up to head back down the hill. We stopped at AWOL on the way down and I had a quick cool-down run on Goddess.

We had a nice slow hike down and made it to the car around nine. A quick burger and beer at the North Bend Grill and were back in the city and half-asleep at eleven. I think we all had an awesome day, and I was personally psyched to get a ton of climbing in and lead all day with no falls and no hangdogging. Hopefully the weather will hold out this weekend so we can have a bit more of an adventure...