Our plans to head up to Squamish this past weekend were foiled by poor weather, so Cortney and I decided to head over the mountains to climb in Leavenworth. We stopped at the river boulders on the way there to spot Joel on Hagakure and do a bit climbing. It was a gorgeous day, but definitely a bit warm to try hard on the frictionless stone. I got completely bouted on Chutzpah and set around to moping while Joel got psyched and climbed a newish hop-start slab where the lower sand levels had exposed a starting ledge.

Here's Joel stretching for the lip After that we headed over to Leavenworth, taking a scenic route off of Steven's Pass and looping around Lake Wenatchee. We camped on the ridge above town and awoke to typically gorgeous scenery. We met up with our friends Rob and Lorin, who recently moved to Seattle from Boston, at the Mad Meadows parking lot and spent the day playing on fun moderates there and at the Beach area in the Tumwater Canyon.

The trademark 'view from Mt. Home Road' picture The gratuitous Sleeping Lady photo

Lorin on The Pocket at Mad Meadows Cortney's flapper from The Pocket. Ouchie!