Cascade River Park

Cortney and I went up to Joe's cabin near Marblemount in the North Cascades two weekends ago for some relaxin' and snowy adventures. We saw a handful of Eagles on the way, and made it there in a couple of hours even with the great northwest 'blizzard' of 2008. Perhaps municipalities on the west side of the Cascades will finally join the rest of the country's northern states and decide to invest in a snowplow or two.

Joe's newly acquired cabin is tiny and still pretty, shall we say, rustic, so we stayed in his dad's cabin a couple hundred yards away. Cascade River Park is an interesting place. The neighbors are definitely characters, but the scenery is amazing and it definitely has a secluded feel. That is, until the drunk old man next door stumbles in at noon to mumble about something mundane. All in all, the whole weekend was wonderful. It was great to see Joe, as well as get some more outdoor time with Cortney before we both headed home for the holidays. I'm really excited to head back up there this winter and do some backcountry skiing. The CabinThe View from the Cabin's PorchThe view from up the road -
the Eldorado Glacier can be seen in the left backgroundHappy HikersGetting Prepared For Some Car SkiingWe do enjoy Washington Wildlife...